Hand-selected creatives for 100% tailored projects

Hand-selected creatives for 100% tailored projects

Hand-selected creatives for 100% tailored projects

Hand-selected creatives for 100% tailored projects


Roselab is an independent, specialty design studio (led by Salvador Fernández) that seeks to help innovative companies stand out through custom branding, UX/UI, web design, and marketing strategy.

Just as we hand-pick clients to work with that align with our values, we curate a team of talented senior creatives for every project to ensure we tailor our work to your needs and create something that leaves a big impact.

Our team uses evidence-backed processes and a people-first approach to ensure quality work and excellent client experience.



We believe that we do our best work when we work together as a team with our clients to reach your goals.


We’re always learning and keeping on top of industry trends to ensure we’re on the leading edge, and even a step ahead.


We’re transparent and hyper-communicative at every step of our process, both with our clients and among our teammates.


We’re dedicated to taking on socially responsible clients and fulfilling every promise we make to you, so that together we can make a positive impact.


  • How it started

    Roselab started as the home for UX designer and entrepreneur Salvador Fernandez’s independent projects–Everything from classic web design to his company Matecaps, a patented bottle and yerba mate capsules that revolutionized the way the world consumes the traditional South American drink. For every project, Salva hand-picked freelancers from among his colleagues to create the best possible team for each company’s needs.

  • How it’s going

    Roselab has grown from being a side project to being an agency in its own right—A team of senior creatives who love to collaborate with companies that want to make an impact in the world. We work at the intersection between technology and creativity to make your ideas come to life. This way, we’ve helped companies revamp their brands, sites, and products and step up their game compared to competitors.

  • What’s next

    We want to keep on growing while never losing the custom, personalized feel of working with our team. Roselab’s doors are open to both creators and clients who love to innovate and believe in using technology to make a positive impact in our society and on our planet.

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